About the Master of the Plan?

  • Black
  • Educated
  • English Junkie (only in my classroom)
  • Scholar Inspirer
  • Dark Apparel Activist
  • Country Bumpkin’
  • Pretty & Petty
  • Resting Face Queen
  • Make Dimples Not War
  • Weave Fanatic
  • Homebody
  • Fall in love with a writer, you’ll never die ❤

I am these things. But I am not all of these things. I keep myself private for several reasons:

  1. Because I like to keep myself mysterious
  2. Because YALL NOSY.

But no foreal, to know me, is to read me. And to read me is to follow my heart. My heart is my writing. Yes, I’m that woman that goes to her notes in her phone to write that poem. BUT I do this because this is what I know. What I love. How I choose to share my goals, dreams, aspirations. I encourage all. Always RapRealOlogy.


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