Hello Fearless Teacher Babes.

So, when I first started teaching back in 2017. I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have any expectation for what I would see in the building I was about to be walking through. Just graduating college, many would think I was refreshed and very well adamant about the job I was about to get done. But NOPE. I was scared and frighten of the thought of failing. I had no hope. Just a bunch of fake smiles and “heyyy, thank you for the support”. I knew that moving to the city, I will encounter another breed of children. Middle schoolers? Oh yeah, they run this s%&!. They got all the tricks. But look at me, I’m the boss… of this classroom at least. So let me not smile and be friendly. I’m a force to be reckoned with. (That’s what I told myself). But instead of being rude and so militant, I relaxed my shoulders and started to think about the kids. I always thought about the kids. Even when I didn’t have to think about the kids. Having 3 loads of 35+ kids in a co-taught class, I was stressed and mentally unstable. Until I told myself and other colleagues, I CANNOT SWEAT. I CANNOT STRESS. Let me sail this boat the right way. Let me work smarter and not harder. LET ME STOP MAKING SO MANY DAMN COPIES! To my all teacher babes, y’all know how it is. I am an English junkie when I am in my classroom. So excuse all of my human rights when I start to have so many grammatical and mechanical errors when I just wanna relax. I’m not getting graded. I’m not being judged. That’s what I tell my students to remember when I want them to be creative and explore the depths of their little tiny human brains. Every day is a new and better day. That’s the attitude you need when you’re dealing with moody adolescents with no clue of how much worth they have on this earth. Every day is a new and better day when you dealt with a kid yesterday that did absolutely no work and blamed you for them failing. Every day is a new and better day when you dealt with feisty coworkers that are so petty over the copier machine. STOP MAKING SO MANY DAMN COPIES. While I’m walking from the front of my classroom to the back, I speak with confidence, with my chest out, showing the almighty Black, and spreading it across the room… showing my students that FEAR cannot be shown. We will make a way; even if it’s not THE way, it’s still A way. TeachHER making HERstory & Steady RapRealOlogy.


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