Relationships? Yes. Committed? No.

How to be in relationships when you’re not fully committed? Sis, you DON’T.

What’s the point of investing your time, patience, and finances when you not fully committed?? Why give you and someone else the stress of having the energy wasted?? It’s it no commitment, then it’s no relationship. Maybe a sex partner at best? Or maybe just a friend with those things called benefits. So, all of the above. Just saying that you’ve been in a relationship and putting that behind someone’s identity (and yes I went that far) when you KNOW you not inviting them to the family cookout, then just zont zo it. Some people make their relationship a priority, a full time job, a 9-5, a bill payer, and still they get hurt… by people that want to be in relationships but not committed. So at the end of the day, just don’t waste ya time and your (FB) time by getting all the benefits but taking no responsibilities. Just Always RapRealOlogy.


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