C.R.E.A.M … just not me.

You hear the saying that “Money is the root of all evil” and you think, “PAPER?? DIRTY PAPER WITH DEAD FACES ON IT??? HOW COULD IT BE?!?” Money makes us mad. It turns us upside down. It makes us unhappy. I always said that I will NEVER allow money to play a factor into my life in which I feel that I only need money to put a smile on my face. I Stan!! When I’m around my happiness .. everything that I cannot go and buy with money.. that’s what makes me happy. Yes, I would like to go and buy those people things. Yes, I would like to go and vacay on someone’s beach… yes, those things are great… but they are extras that will always be available to me. My time with the people I love can get taken away any second. I can’t allow money to make me forget that. Dear Money, you will not break me. Dear Money, you are loose… you are accessible to more people than time is. Dear Money, YOU ARE FOR EVERYBODY. Yes I like you… but you don’t rule me. You may rule everything around me… but NOT me. You don’t control me. My relationship is abusive and I am above you. More people should look at money as part of the vision, not the whole vision. Because you will be unhappy plenty of days. Don’t allow money to forget where you are… WHO YOU ARE. Money can be taken away and gotten right back, just like *snap finger* that. But the time that you waste being angry and malicious over money… it can’t be given back. And that’s just me trying to RapRealOlogy.


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