Elephants vs. Puppies

Image result for the pregnant dog and elephant motivational story
The Pregnant Dog and Elephant Motivational Story

These are elephants… NOT puppies!!

So per usual, I am scrolling on Instagram and I watch someone’s Instagram story. Normally this particular person gives me laughs when I watch her instastories, but this time I did not laugh. Instead, I became serious, paid attention, and gain some knowledge. She started rapping about these things called “steps” and in particular, her steps. Which immediately became my steps… yeah I know.. weird.. but just hear me out.

She explained how people didn’t understand why she took particular directions in her life that seemed “backwards” or “out of tune”. But she continued informing her followers that these backwards or out of tune directions were actually STEPS. And not just any steps, but steps toward her goals. So let me inform you, how these steps became my steps…. She said something in particular that really caught my attention. Her words were, “it was marinating” .. funny but crazy true. So when I reflect and look at the particular steps I have to take to my obtain my goals and dreams, some of them are pulled in another direction that will make people say “GIRL YOU BETTER THAN ME! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT.” But instead of understanding that sometimes the storm comes before the calm, people just don’t realize that in order to reach a goal, you have to build.

Everyone is not fortunate enough to automatically have their goals and dreams in the palm of their hands. There are people that have to actually build and put in work to get to a special place in their lives. Listen… it is okay to take a pay cut in order to obtain your ultimate goal in the end. It is okay to stay in school a little longer to obtain your ultimate goal in the end. It is okay to put in a little more extra work to obtain your ultimate goal in the end. IT IS OKAY! THESE ARE YOUR STEPS! Don’t lose your faith and your patience when you see other people getting what you want. This thing called life is a marathon, not a race. If you haven’t yet to receive your blessing, no worries, it will come. And when it comes, it will be “mighty and great”….

Also, if you haven’t already, read The Pregnant Dog and Elephant Motivational Story. You will then realize why these steps you’re taking are elephants and not puppies!!


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