Getting Ready for The NEW School Year

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As most may know, Summer 2020 is coming to an end (even though it seemed like it never officially started) and the upcoming school year is preparing to start. Everything and everyone may seem out of tune due to the challenges that we have been facing the past couple of months. Nevertheless, as an educator, our job responsibilities include putting our worries to the side and do what we came to do… EDUCATE OUR YOUTH. Now, do not get me wrong, we have quite a few things that is on our plates, but we will eventually adjust and become super. Being an educator is a constant adaptive superpower that we have gained, so this change that is occurring will only make our superpowers more SUPER. Some of us may have taken on more responsibilities, lost some responsibilities, or gain nervousness, and that is all okay. At the end of day, your main goal is to ensure you are doing everything possible to be an effective educator. This school year will DEFINITELY be different but informative. School should always be a two way street of teaching and learning from both students and teachers. So educators, take this change to become informed and knowledgable of the great tools and resources we are still blessed to have to educate our sunshines. Take a breather, do not stress over what you cannot control, invest in a planner/agenda book, create an instructional goal, and find resources to help you during this journey. Oh… and YOUTUBE! YOUTUBE IS THE HOLY GRAIL! Find some great strategies, tips, and tools to assist with your teaching practices for virtual learning. If our students were in our shoes, we would want them to use all of their resources to the greatest of the ability so their outcome is outstanding. WE OWE OUR STUDENTS THAT MUCH. An effective teacher never stops thinking of ways to improve their practice. Stay on top of YOUR teaching game by taking risks and trying things that you may believe will work best for you and your students. REINVENT THE WHEEL. Yes, I said it. How can we be successful if we never fail? Think about that. Discover new ways to keep your students engaged and excited for your virtual class. Even if you are not doing virtual learning and back in your schools, still find creative ways for students to enjoy class. Do not be afraid to step outside of the box and be creative. Come up with new ideas to share with your teacher buddies as well. Not only is this change new to us, but it is new to our students. Yes, some of us may not get to physically meet our students, but by the first week of school you will know your kids and you will know what is best for them. That is just another superpower we have!

During remote learning, hybrid, or normal schooling, you are going to be excellent. You are going to exceed and excel. You are to have no worries because you are a superhero to so many students. Some students are going to continue to push because they saw you modeling it and they look up to you. This school year is going to be a great one. Manifest it.


10 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

1. Take a breath. Before we are able to accomplish anything, we must first be mindful of our bodies and take a breather. Breathe in for 4 seconds and breathe out for 4 seconds. Only we have control over our breathing, so give it the benefit to relax you.

2. Stay off Social media. Social media can bring out the worst in us. We see and hear about things that we have no control over. Yet, it gets us angry and defensive. We see people that we never met, and we attempt to somewhat want their life. We are using accusations as a justifiable reason to not be ourselves. Take a break from social media. It’s giving us too much information that we can only assume is real or not.

3. Get physical. Get moving. Go run or walk for a while. Enjoy the sun. The smell of the air. If you have a home gym, visit it. Release any toxic attachments from your mental and your body by sweating it off or having max energy. Listen to your body. Use the energy you still have in your living body to help with your mental.

4. Read a book. We sometimes tend to forget that every time we pick up a book and read, we get lost in it. Use your spare time to read a book. Books are made for us to jump into and become one with it. You’ll be surprised how often you will clear your head when you have a good book in your hand. Use your anger to read more. Use your sadness to read more. Become the book. Free of mental holdbacks.

5. Become a plant parent. Plants are known to bring your home good energy. Plant shop and bring home some new babies. You will be surprised how relaxing it is to wake up every morning and look at your plants growing so beautifully. Try exotic plants. Plants that will bring out the beauty in your home and your life. Relax your mental and spend some time watering and nurturing some good greens.

6. Write down your goals and aspirations. We all appreciate our selves a little bit more every time we reach a certain goal. Start writing down your dreams. What do you want to become in the next 2-3 months? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Write it down. Manifest your goals. Get a notebook. Start at number one and continue. If you only have two goals to reach.. they are still goals. You will mentally feel so relieve when you start putting your dreams in reach.

7. Apologize. Yes, apologize. Sometimes we are trapped in a negative energy bubble mentally because we are holding on to so much bad blood. Let go and move on. Let go and move on by apologizing. Not for them, but for you. Clear your heart of hate. You are stronger when your mind is filled with love. Apologizing gives us a type of feeling that leaves us satisfied and feeling better about ourselves. Do it, and watch how clearer your mind will be.

8. Mini Self-cation. Take that drive. Take that flight. But by yourself. Sometimes we need a getaway so we will have time to self-reflect. Self-reflecting is better when you are in an environment where you are able to let loose of all exhausting memories and exhausting surroundings. Have you ever felt trapped in a place and it began to mentally exhaust you? Your environments begin to drain you and all you need is a mini self-cation to mentally heal yourself. Go for it. You will be amazed how new surroundings will mentally feed you.

9. Start a new hobby. Old habits result into feeling drained and tired out. Start something new. It may be dancing, knitting, blogging, scrapbooking, collecting rocks, restoring shoes.. something that will make you excited all over again. Give your old habits a goodbye, and say hello to new possibilities. As humans, we are intelligent in multiple ways and the person that knows our beyonds is ourselves. Trial and error until you find what you are awesome at. Once you begin your new hobby, you will be so indulged and excited that you will forget how tired out your old habits made you.

10. Be confident. How can we ever get over our fears or worries if we are never comfortable with ourselves? How can we ever overcome our setbacks and obstacles if we allowing ourselves to be in the way? Be confident and love yourself. We become mentally ill because we don’t believe that we have the power to fight through our own issues. We are ourselves and no one else. You have to remember that you are enough and when you are surrounding yourself around good company, you will realize that there are real people rooting for you. But before that, you have to root for yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to believe. You are enough and thats so much to be confident in. Get your mind, body, and soul in order. Know that you are somebody.

What is Nostalgia

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time when your mom and dad used to pick you up and swing you around for whatever reasons you can’t remember.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time when you used to cut off your baby dolls hair and get in trouble because you thought that you owned some time of beauty parlor. But you felt good cause the hairstyle looked cute at the moment. Proud.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the sweet breeze that randomly came in when the window was open in the living room or the bedroom because you know that good wind was outside and it was not going to go to waste.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time in school when you and your friends laughed at random things until your stomach hurt.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about getting up early in the morning to go to a basketball game, band competition, or just being with your family.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the first time you tried McDonald’s sweet tea. It was like a cold relief that was incomparable.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time you were staying over your friends house and going to see someone that you were currently ‘dating’. You thought you were fearless since you were being sneaky.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time you used to stay out of class because you were a senior and you had senior duties to tend to.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time you went to your first party and stayed out late because your parents finally treated you like an “adult”

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the first time you was finally alone with that person that you liked so much.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time you got your first job and you were so anxious to start working with people that you eventually got close with.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about that same first job that got on your nerves but your off days was worth it cause you had change in your pocket that you never had.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the hot walks across campus. But everyone was out so you just had to be out too.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time you could actually fit into those favorite pair of pants.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time you and your friend did something risky but it was so much fun because you two were together.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time you first kissed this person that you only talked to for a while but you wanted to keep kissing them until the sun set and rose again.

Nostalgia is daydreaming about the time that same person made you feel like you were the most beautiful creature walking.

Nostalgia is hearing that song from a couple of years ago that you haven’t heard in awhile and you felt like you again

Nostalgia is daydreaming about some of these nostalgic moments that you just did………

A series of my Blackity Black.


They said we could walk on this side of the road

with peace and humanity.

They said we could ride this bus

with dignity and freedom.

They said we could eat supper here

with our shade on our sleeves.

They said we could attend school

with civilization and equality

They said we were free of brutality.

The bodies build as the lies do so.

2 My Brother

My brother was shot

My brother was killed 

Before my eyes

His pride was taken away 

My brother was a shade darker than you 

And you killed my brother

2 My Brother, 

Why they do this?

Was it because you were innocent?

Was it because you were minding your own business?

Or was it because you were unarmed?

My brother, O’my brother

They’re going to be forgiven

For what they did to you 

But your legacy will haunt their lives 


My brother. 

3 Goodbyes

I am not the messenger.

I am not the fault.

I am not the spiral of silence.

I am not the patient.

I am angry.

I am a homeowner.

I am a daughter.

I am a mother.

I am a sister.

I am a black activist.

I am a helper.

I am a doctor.

I am a teacher.

I am a movement. 

I am a human.

Treat us as we are.

4 Letter Word

When the days past 

The bodies begin to pile.

Voice of our speeches risen 

The color of our skin grew.

As it grew, 

We knew the 4 letter word

will swell and leave us scared.

The push 

We had 

The word, 

We didn’t. 

Last Try 

this is our moment,

to relive and possess.

My sisters, 

My brothers, 

Today we will overcome 

We will make the freedom


We will stop the crime

We will wear our shade on our sleeves

With pride

With dignity

With freedom.

We will smell the long living roots in the air

We will come in the center

Hold hands 

and become harmony. 

One more time,

Praise it.

Elephants vs. Puppies

Image result for the pregnant dog and elephant motivational story
The Pregnant Dog and Elephant Motivational Story

These are elephants… NOT puppies!!

So per usual, I am scrolling on Instagram and I watch someone’s Instagram story. Normally this particular person gives me laughs when I watch her instastories, but this time I did not laugh. Instead, I became serious, paid attention, and gain some knowledge. She started rapping about these things called “steps” and in particular, her steps. Which immediately became my steps… yeah I know.. weird.. but just hear me out.

She explained how people didn’t understand why she took particular directions in her life that seemed “backwards” or “out of tune”. But she continued informing her followers that these backwards or out of tune directions were actually STEPS. And not just any steps, but steps toward her goals. So let me inform you, how these steps became my steps…. She said something in particular that really caught my attention. Her words were, “it was marinating” .. funny but crazy true. So when I reflect and look at the particular steps I have to take to my obtain my goals and dreams, some of them are pulled in another direction that will make people say “GIRL YOU BETTER THAN ME! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT.” But instead of understanding that sometimes the storm comes before the calm, people just don’t realize that in order to reach a goal, you have to build.

Everyone is not fortunate enough to automatically have their goals and dreams in the palm of their hands. There are people that have to actually build and put in work to get to a special place in their lives. Listen… it is okay to take a pay cut in order to obtain your ultimate goal in the end. It is okay to stay in school a little longer to obtain your ultimate goal in the end. It is okay to put in a little more extra work to obtain your ultimate goal in the end. IT IS OKAY! THESE ARE YOUR STEPS! Don’t lose your faith and your patience when you see other people getting what you want. This thing called life is a marathon, not a race. If you haven’t yet to receive your blessing, no worries, it will come. And when it comes, it will be “mighty and great”….

Also, if you haven’t already, read The Pregnant Dog and Elephant Motivational Story. You will then realize why these steps you’re taking are elephants and not puppies!!

C.R.E.A.M … just not me.

You hear the saying that “Money is the root of all evil” and you think, “PAPER?? DIRTY PAPER WITH DEAD FACES ON IT??? HOW COULD IT BE?!?” Money makes us mad. It turns us upside down. It makes us unhappy. I always said that I will NEVER allow money to play a factor into my life in which I feel that I only need money to put a smile on my face. I Stan!! When I’m around my happiness .. everything that I cannot go and buy with money.. that’s what makes me happy. Yes, I would like to go and buy those people things. Yes, I would like to go and vacay on someone’s beach… yes, those things are great… but they are extras that will always be available to me. My time with the people I love can get taken away any second. I can’t allow money to make me forget that. Dear Money, you will not break me. Dear Money, you are loose… you are accessible to more people than time is. Dear Money, YOU ARE FOR EVERYBODY. Yes I like you… but you don’t rule me. You may rule everything around me… but NOT me. You don’t control me. My relationship is abusive and I am above you. More people should look at money as part of the vision, not the whole vision. Because you will be unhappy plenty of days. Don’t allow money to forget where you are… WHO YOU ARE. Money can be taken away and gotten right back, just like *snap finger* that. But the time that you waste being angry and malicious over money… it can’t be given back. And that’s just me trying to RapRealOlogy.

Relationships? Yes. Committed? No.

How to be in relationships when you’re not fully committed? Sis, you DON’T.

What’s the point of investing your time, patience, and finances when you not fully committed?? Why give you and someone else the stress of having the energy wasted?? It’s it no commitment, then it’s no relationship. Maybe a sex partner at best? Or maybe just a friend with those things called benefits. So, all of the above. Just saying that you’ve been in a relationship and putting that behind someone’s identity (and yes I went that far) when you KNOW you not inviting them to the family cookout, then just zont zo it. Some people make their relationship a priority, a full time job, a 9-5, a bill payer, and still they get hurt… by people that want to be in relationships but not committed. So at the end of the day, just don’t waste ya time and your (FB) time by getting all the benefits but taking no responsibilities. Just Always RapRealOlogy.

Hello Fearless Teacher Babes.

So, when I first started teaching back in 2017. I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have any expectation for what I would see in the building I was about to be walking through. Just graduating college, many would think I was refreshed and very well adamant about the job I was about to get done. But NOPE. I was scared and frighten of the thought of failing. I had no hope. Just a bunch of fake smiles and “heyyy, thank you for the support”. I knew that moving to the city, I will encounter another breed of children. Middle schoolers? Oh yeah, they run this s%&!. They got all the tricks. But look at me, I’m the boss… of this classroom at least. So let me not smile and be friendly. I’m a force to be reckoned with. (That’s what I told myself). But instead of being rude and so militant, I relaxed my shoulders and started to think about the kids. I always thought about the kids. Even when I didn’t have to think about the kids. Having 3 loads of 35+ kids in a co-taught class, I was stressed and mentally unstable. Until I told myself and other colleagues, I CANNOT SWEAT. I CANNOT STRESS. Let me sail this boat the right way. Let me work smarter and not harder. LET ME STOP MAKING SO MANY DAMN COPIES! To my all teacher babes, y’all know how it is. I am an English junkie when I am in my classroom. So excuse all of my human rights when I start to have so many grammatical and mechanical errors when I just wanna relax. I’m not getting graded. I’m not being judged. That’s what I tell my students to remember when I want them to be creative and explore the depths of their little tiny human brains. Every day is a new and better day. That’s the attitude you need when you’re dealing with moody adolescents with no clue of how much worth they have on this earth. Every day is a new and better day when you dealt with a kid yesterday that did absolutely no work and blamed you for them failing. Every day is a new and better day when you dealt with feisty coworkers that are so petty over the copier machine. STOP MAKING SO MANY DAMN COPIES. While I’m walking from the front of my classroom to the back, I speak with confidence, with my chest out, showing the almighty Black, and spreading it across the room… showing my students that FEAR cannot be shown. We will make a way; even if it’s not THE way, it’s still A way. TeachHER making HERstory & Steady RapRealOlogy.