Aye, What’s Ya Area Code????

If you’re on social media, you seen the hype. You know the hype. YOU ARE THE HYPE. Different people from different area codes debate about which town/city/landmark (ha) is the better place. You got either the 252, 336, 919, 704, and sometimes (depending on which HBCU.. & yes I said HBCU.. cause who else rep so hard… but anyways) you got the 757, 301,240, 202 marching in. BUT FOR WHAT? To be real, where’s the better place? We (a selected few) all graduate college and leave the places we rep anyways? So whats the point? Is it to get the club jumping? Is it to make a statement? Is it to become viral on social media? I say, since we repping so hard, lets become educated and give back to those same area codes. Lets even give back to the are area codes that we don’t choose to rep. LETS START THAT HYPE. Lets give these places something to be proud of. Start here by becoming inspired. Always RapRealOlogy.

P.S.- 2-555555555555