Getting Ready for The NEW School Year

Picture from: WeAreTeachers

As most may know, Summer 2020 is coming to an end (even though it seemed like it never officially started) and the upcoming school year is preparing to start. Everything and everyone may seem out of tune due to the challenges that we have been facing the past couple of months. Nevertheless, as an educator, our job responsibilities include putting our worries to the side and do what we came to do… EDUCATE OUR YOUTH. Now, do not get me wrong, we have quite a few things that is on our plates, but we will eventually adjust and become super. Being an educator is a constant adaptive superpower that we have gained, so this change that is occurring will only make our superpowers more SUPER. Some of us may have taken on more responsibilities, lost some responsibilities, or gain nervousness, and that is all okay. At the end of day, your main goal is to ensure you are doing everything possible to be an effective educator. This school year will DEFINITELY be different but informative. School should always be a two way street of teaching and learning from both students and teachers. So educators, take this change to become informed and knowledgable of the great tools and resources we are still blessed to have to educate our sunshines. Take a breather, do not stress over what you cannot control, invest in a planner/agenda book, create an instructional goal, and find resources to help you during this journey. Oh… and YOUTUBE! YOUTUBE IS THE HOLY GRAIL! Find some great strategies, tips, and tools to assist with your teaching practices for virtual learning. If our students were in our shoes, we would want them to use all of their resources to the greatest of the ability so their outcome is outstanding. WE OWE OUR STUDENTS THAT MUCH. An effective teacher never stops thinking of ways to improve their practice. Stay on top of YOUR teaching game by taking risks and trying things that you may believe will work best for you and your students. REINVENT THE WHEEL. Yes, I said it. How can we be successful if we never fail? Think about that. Discover new ways to keep your students engaged and excited for your virtual class. Even if you are not doing virtual learning and back in your schools, still find creative ways for students to enjoy class. Do not be afraid to step outside of the box and be creative. Come up with new ideas to share with your teacher buddies as well. Not only is this change new to us, but it is new to our students. Yes, some of us may not get to physically meet our students, but by the first week of school you will know your kids and you will know what is best for them. That is just another superpower we have!

During remote learning, hybrid, or normal schooling, you are going to be excellent. You are going to exceed and excel. You are to have no worries because you are a superhero to so many students. Some students are going to continue to push because they saw you modeling it and they look up to you. This school year is going to be a great one. Manifest it.