A series of my Blackity Black.


They said we could walk on this side of the road

with peace and humanity.

They said we could ride this bus

with dignity and freedom.

They said we could eat supper here

with our shade on our sleeves.

They said we could attend school

with civilization and equality

They said we were free of brutality.

The bodies build as the lies do so.

2 My Brother

My brother was shot

My brother was killed 

Before my eyes

His pride was taken away 

My brother was a shade darker than you 

And you killed my brother

2 My Brother, 

Why they do this?

Was it because you were innocent?

Was it because you were minding your own business?

Or was it because you were unarmed?

My brother, O’my brother

They’re going to be forgiven

For what they did to you 

But your legacy will haunt their lives 


My brother. 

3 Goodbyes

I am not the messenger.

I am not the fault.

I am not the spiral of silence.

I am not the patient.

I am angry.

I am a homeowner.

I am a daughter.

I am a mother.

I am a sister.

I am a black activist.

I am a helper.

I am a doctor.

I am a teacher.

I am a movement. 

I am a human.

Treat us as we are.

4 Letter Word

When the days past 

The bodies begin to pile.

Voice of our speeches risen 

The color of our skin grew.

As it grew, 

We knew the 4 letter word

will swell and leave us scared.

The push 

We had 

The word, 

We didn’t. 

Last Try 

this is our moment,

to relive and possess.

My sisters, 

My brothers, 

Today we will overcome 

We will make the freedom


We will stop the crime

We will wear our shade on our sleeves

With pride

With dignity

With freedom.

We will smell the long living roots in the air

We will come in the center

Hold hands 

and become harmony. 

One more time,

Praise it.