10 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

1. Take a breath. Before we are able to accomplish anything, we must first be mindful of our bodies and take a breather. Breathe in for 4 seconds and breathe out for 4 seconds. Only we have control over our breathing, so give it the benefit to relax you.

2. Stay off Social media. Social media can bring out the worst in us. We see and hear about things that we have no control over. Yet, it gets us angry and defensive. We see people that we never met, and we attempt to somewhat want their life. We are using accusations as a justifiable reason to not be ourselves. Take a break from social media. It’s giving us too much information that we can only assume is real or not.

3. Get physical. Get moving. Go run or walk for a while. Enjoy the sun. The smell of the air. If you have a home gym, visit it. Release any toxic attachments from your mental and your body by sweating it off or having max energy. Listen to your body. Use the energy you still have in your living body to help with your mental.

4. Read a book. We sometimes tend to forget that every time we pick up a book and read, we get lost in it. Use your spare time to read a book. Books are made for us to jump into and become one with it. You’ll be surprised how often you will clear your head when you have a good book in your hand. Use your anger to read more. Use your sadness to read more. Become the book. Free of mental holdbacks.

5. Become a plant parent. Plants are known to bring your home good energy. Plant shop and bring home some new babies. You will be surprised how relaxing it is to wake up every morning and look at your plants growing so beautifully. Try exotic plants. Plants that will bring out the beauty in your home and your life. Relax your mental and spend some time watering and nurturing some good greens.

6. Write down your goals and aspirations. We all appreciate our selves a little bit more every time we reach a certain goal. Start writing down your dreams. What do you want to become in the next 2-3 months? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Write it down. Manifest your goals. Get a notebook. Start at number one and continue. If you only have two goals to reach.. they are still goals. You will mentally feel so relieve when you start putting your dreams in reach.

7. Apologize. Yes, apologize. Sometimes we are trapped in a negative energy bubble mentally because we are holding on to so much bad blood. Let go and move on. Let go and move on by apologizing. Not for them, but for you. Clear your heart of hate. You are stronger when your mind is filled with love. Apologizing gives us a type of feeling that leaves us satisfied and feeling better about ourselves. Do it, and watch how clearer your mind will be.

8. Mini Self-cation. Take that drive. Take that flight. But by yourself. Sometimes we need a getaway so we will have time to self-reflect. Self-reflecting is better when you are in an environment where you are able to let loose of all exhausting memories and exhausting surroundings. Have you ever felt trapped in a place and it began to mentally exhaust you? Your environments begin to drain you and all you need is a mini self-cation to mentally heal yourself. Go for it. You will be amazed how new surroundings will mentally feed you.

9. Start a new hobby. Old habits result into feeling drained and tired out. Start something new. It may be dancing, knitting, blogging, scrapbooking, collecting rocks, restoring shoes.. something that will make you excited all over again. Give your old habits a goodbye, and say hello to new possibilities. As humans, we are intelligent in multiple ways and the person that knows our beyonds is ourselves. Trial and error until you find what you are awesome at. Once you begin your new hobby, you will be so indulged and excited that you will forget how tired out your old habits made you.

10. Be confident. How can we ever get over our fears or worries if we are never comfortable with ourselves? How can we ever overcome our setbacks and obstacles if we allowing ourselves to be in the way? Be confident and love yourself. We become mentally ill because we don’t believe that we have the power to fight through our own issues. We are ourselves and no one else. You have to remember that you are enough and when you are surrounding yourself around good company, you will realize that there are real people rooting for you. But before that, you have to root for yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to believe. You are enough and thats so much to be confident in. Get your mind, body, and soul in order. Know that you are somebody.